Welcome to CGSL
Welcome to CGSL

At Capital Group, we offer a range of integration, transformation and market connectivity services catering specifically to Business Technology and Digital marketing needs. With our quality-oriented yet cost-effective methods, we ensure service delivery exceeding customer expectations every time. Capital transforms application management architecture by deploying next-gen analytics, marketing and management tools. We provide best in class efficiency and service standards so customers can remain dedicated on their digital transformation strategies.


Software Development

Product Development

Finding the least complicated solution for customer constraints is our mission. CGSL products include:

  • Mobile & applications   Mobile applications.
  • Getaway connectivity   Getaway connectivity.
  • Competitive data analysis   Competitive data analysis.
  • Service virtualization   E-commerce | SaaS
  • Digital application   Cloud Based OLAP | OLTP


At Capital Group, our biggest asset is our ability to consult, develop, integrate and manage technology services, all under one roof.
Our technical know-how and skill coupled with our business process capability enables us to deliver the client’s business objectives for their enhanced digital needs.

Project Management


Enterprise-grade Secure Web Protection with advance Data Leak Prevention.
Comprehensive Next-Generation Firewall protection that blocks unknown threats, automatically responds to incidents, and exposes hidden risks on your network.
Advanced Endpoint Protection coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience.
Protect your virtual and physical servers without sacrificing performance, including one-click Server Lockdown.

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